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Update your Membership and Contact Information

Thank you for helping us keep our membership records up-to-date.

Updated membership records benefit you by helping to ensure that other members and the public can contact you in a timely manner.

Your membership records are displayed and accessible to other agents and the public in a variety of ways, including:

Follow these steps to update your contact information:


Log in to the My Account Section of our website and update your contact information
Click here to open the My Account Section
*note that this updates your contact information in all online directories listed above, on MLS property information sheets, in the MLS directory, with NAR & www.realtor.com, and Supra.
Log in to Matrix and update your Agent Web Page and Email Signature
Click here to open Matrix
*once in Matrix, click Settings, then my information. Note that the information displayed on this page is only used for your Agent Web Page and your Email Signature. The information displayed on this page is NOT used on MLS listing reports or in the MLS agent directory. To update your contact information on an MLS listing report or in the MLS agent directory, please log in to My Account (see step 1 above).

Other considerations when updating your contact information

  • Iowa State law requires that a licensed Iowa agent notify the Iowa Real Estate Commission of any address changes. Visit the Iowa Real Estate Commission for more information.
  • You should also notify your broker of any contact information changes

Thank you for your help!

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